The Omega King Bonus Epilogue


Bonus Epilogue

“They are finally asleep,” Callum said, coming inside the bedroom and slowly shutting the door. “And so is Samuel.”

Adrian smiled at the mention of their six-month old twins and oldest son. They were a handful, their twins. It seemed like they timed their crying fits, as soon as they got one settled down, the other would start. But the bond between the two boys was unlike anything he’d ever seen, even as little as they were, and Samuel loved being a big brother. His protective Alpha instincts were already perking up as he would follow Adrian and the nannies who were assigned to the twins like a loyal duckling, determined to watch out for his baby brothers.

You’ll have to give me a girl next, Callum had murmured last night as he stretched Adrian sweetly, the Omega’s hips rolling on his Alpha’s thick fingers, unable to do anything but writhe and let Callum do as he wish, his wrists tied with silken cords like when they were bonded.

And if we have another boy? Adrian has gasped out, just to antagonize him, knowing what kind of answer would get him from his Alpha.

He had been right, Callum slapping his ass playfully before pushing his throbbing cock into Adrian’s heat, yanking on his hair just a little as Callum bottomed out. I’ll just have to keep fucking you full until we get a little Princess, he’d growled, grinding the head of his cock against Adrian’s sweet spot, making him gasp and gush all around his Alpha’s cock.

“Thank you for getting the twins back asleep,” Adrian said, reaching up and kissing his Alpha.

“Of course,” Callum said. “You had a busy day and…” he grinned, crawling into bed—and over Adrian, his powerful thighs bracketing Adrian’s hips. “I did have ulterior motives. Wanted you rested up.”

“Oh?” Adrian batted his eyes innocently, anticipation rising inside him. He could feel himself getting wet and hard at the same time and it never failed to make him squirm, his cock bumping up against Callum’s hip as he did.

His Alpha pressed his hand onto Adrian’s hip, pinning it to the mattress. “Still,” he growled and Adrian stilled, obedient, watchful, wondering what kind of mood Callum was in. His pregnancy with the twins had been harder than his first with Samuel. It had just been in the last two months that they’d gotten back to their normal sex life since the birth. He’d missed Callum so much, missed his power and strength, his sweet words and the way his cock split him open, filled him up in all the right places.

He licked his lips, staring up at Callum, waiting as his Alpha ran his hand up his side, brushing over a stiff nipple, circling over it, making him moan, before moving up to his neck, then to wind in his hair.

“Sometimes, I just want to take you, no prep, just work you up until you’re so wet I can fuck you, raw and rough,” Callum moaned into his ear, a rough confession that made Adrian shiver against him. “The last few months…I’ve tried to be so good, but god, Adrian, I wanted to pin you down and sink into you a thousand times. A million. And now that I can again,” his fingers flexed in Adrian’s hair, making him gasp. “I’m worried what I’ll do if I don’t hold back,” he confessed.

Adrian’s heart twisted, so full with love for this man, who’d given him his life, his throne, his children, and his heart. He leaned up, kissing Callum sweetly, encouragingly. And when he pulled away, he met his Alpha’s eyes, all the truth in his heart in them: “Don’t hold back,” he said.

It was a clear order. From a King.

And Callum, ever the loyal subject, had no choice but to obey.

It was unlike any other time they’d made love, and god, they’d been together for years now, they knew each other’s bodies like a virtuoso knows his instrument. This was reclaiming, this was Callum at his most instinctual, all base growls and rough touches, his teeth scraping across all the sensitive parts of Adrian—his nipples, his cock—the flat of Callum’s tongue pressing against his hole, making his fingers twist into the silk sheets as he moaned so loud he feared he’d wake the servants.

When Callum finally pushed Adrian onto his stomach, his fingers digging into Adrian’s hips as he thrust into him, there was no preparation—there was no need. Adrian was so wet for him, soaked from this rough, animalistic kind of sex that was all about Callum exerting his ownership, of marking Adrian up, making Adrian smell like him, making it so Adrian would feel him across every inch of his body every time he moved for the next week. A reminder of who he belonged to, of who belonged to him.

“I love you so much,” he gasped out, and then he said it again and again, a litany of love as his ass clenched around Callum’s length, milking his cock. And as his Alpha fucked him, he closed his eyes, drifting off into the feel of it, into the hot length piercing him open, freeing him from everything but instinct and pleasure, and as Callum rumbled, so close, sweetheart near his ear, Adrian had clenched hard around him and whispered, “I bet this time, it’ll be a girl,” in his Alpha’s ear and Callum’s breathing grew ragged, his cock pulsing and spilling inside him.

Before he could even feel smug about it, his Alpha’s hand was closing around his own stiff cock, stripping it ruthlessly, almost punishingly, and he rushed, fast and hard, into his own orgasm, whimpering his shocked pleasure into Callum’s laughing mouth as he spattered come all over his Alpha’s fingers.